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first iteration of metal hooped hexatrig

This image was once linked to DocuSign. Traders link ' it was on my mind......' before this print went walkabout like the original digital file....(internal) HDD failure thats when Jaguar logo came in to play so to speak

M. I.A

M. I.A

Delivered via online Additive manufacturing services


Harrison Knight


M. I.A


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link is not where this image comes from but ,,,, I 

If delivered some time in the future ...........

To all those that i registered by email. 'They' took my ability to gain online access- nTopology Inc, Xometry, Materialise-Magics Siemens Apologies 

Thanks Nexa3d...... Qls?

Now see 
Kristin (sorry)

viewing via i.materialise October 2020
There was a real reason why this print occurred, and did not remain as image!



It is hard to express those who i have come into contact with on this journey, even harder to seem to remain loyal at least. I may have been on a losing battle from the start,  I tried. Still am just.......

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Designed with You in Mind

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This print is not DSM Somos® watershed clear resin  XC11122  SLA

Thanks to both Andrew(s) concerned


SmoothOn Sorta clear® series platinum silicone

link  removed.

TIPE 3D printing virtual  conference! Women in 3d Printing

Microfluidics chips

A Rerun I guess its Bluesint PA-12 for a greener carbon outlook.......

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Original personal reality composer



left print Materialise- Right print Sculpteo
Aluminium 2018

AM Tech Forum

Celebrating AM Innovation.   

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M. I.A


Aluminium 2018

© / ® registered
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Steel or a different materials for intended purpose although...

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Additional coating ?

This One Sarah(us),Merry(itl)& more@ASME 6mins!

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M. I.A

M. I.A


Almost same image sent to TCT:-)

practical when flexible,  it depends

Plymouth citizen advice helped me  when everyone else just put down the phone on me!

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Ornamental not sure if hoop counts:-)?
While others would want me to forget that maybe because i am to this

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Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 16.55.38.png
Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 12.20.44.png

revised Model-excuse the sound Disclaimer


Colour Unprinted




Note:model now missing, however....

i would only need to ask Imaterialise, although it would another long number .stl like a obscure part number.!

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ios 14.6/6s/wifi-28jul'21 

I remember when i uploaded these multicolour models for print they was huge.

Addition- I did find a way to put colour on the models but when added to viewer looked funny probably for the best really, the four different elements can be modified

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 18.25.30.png


The model that is in the Fusion viewer in alternative viewer

with an alternative material choice-

was increased slightly to account for the hoop in ochre velvet flocking print!

One recent device update has made what was possible on another mobile  unpractical alas.  should I just give up?. One love_!Now you no longer validating my Embed3d acc-?
On any of my mobile phones-Had to search to take this......!

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This was from the BASF ForwardAM awards

Had a chance for One on One with a woman in 3d printing via HP, guess what? I got cold feet ...! That being said i know nothing about prosthetics, personally.


Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 22.12.21.png
Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 12.15.12.png

Es ist so lange her, dass ich das vergessen habe! No problem it's getting trickier for me, Yet so easy if you know what i mean. Been straight up so far with all concerned, if anything it comes down to colours-process/materials differences with some IP clarity. for the sake of a good name if nothing more! Anna B if i could.......

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 10.48.01.png
half cast copy 2_edited.jpg


It was directed to HP Multi-jet fusion when uploaded to Xometry as .step file now deleted, No offence. It's was one half, if made..In. a material.. for hot metal pour- or customised for other production methods, that was my thinking anyway.. Now i'm not so sure.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 14.44_edited.jpg
hole 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Simulation, valid to the industry I do not deny, however i would be using some imagery that would belong to......via.... and with Brexit never mind or ip saying/unable to show nothing more at this time!

To the youngsters from Kingston academy who had these in their hands, Good for you


UK US worker telling me to give up, while US company based in New York called on same day from an ASME Demo Jam- Post Process Technologies!  Thanks for the call Robbie.! (could do with some buds but.....i did the survey anyway)

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Build Your Digital Enterprise Roadmap via the Model-Based Maturity Index webinar


Would need to really have some customers or clients but as far as i am concerned they are out there somewhere, I may have already lost! Part way (stage 2 tried!)

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Thanks Laura for the first look @ DMC, Cant help feeling like i was stitched up

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At the first Formnext connect i was in a chatroom (Tech issues) with Rachel and the the man (no offence) who chaired the the last roundtable via Zoom with Velo3D. (thumbs up! on YouTube now) I also received the Italy special Fon Magazine with the wonders of PEEK on inside cover. GDPR (no pic) Plus 3dAdept Mag dropped yesterday

My logistics & hopeful upfront dealings!...... Paula/ Justin Thanks

To be on the safer side, maybe.....'For all mankind'? see more AR


This background image is actual photo taken of 3d print AR

What is strange, is the way these mobile usb leads only play up when connected to my computer.....! !  In addition to after making contact with network provider about diverting of calls which on one device which would not allow me to do so, the other permitted two days of normal service at which point I diverted then no longer works in the phone last call on device to my brother, anything familiar? I should add that I kept getting answer messages confirming my number has been verified no mention of with who or what for! To prove I am real..... a connected company even thinks my .www......could have value, 'If you say so' (survey sick Probably all of the above although i have had some prior experiences i wouldn't mind avoiding!) What would I put on it?, even redirected is problematic now..... 

Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 09.24.37.png

Did try.....1 844 245 2**0 

With help.....Lizy, 
Have not seen the UPS guy for a while it was good to catch up in this lonely life of mine!

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 12.44.48.png

Too small for facebook


Yes guys this is fragile! Other side is more green, fitting i suppose when all said and done. 

IMG_E0057 1.JPG
Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 15.58.34.png

I stress Its not me who has doubt in the tech in any of its uses( flying bike?)! Please understand.


Nasa in recent post mentions how optics are used to receive and transmit data from Space


I now know between an iCloud backup and restore my password was changed! ( == ,and) Jabrils It was not me, then who/what?

Note as i was not sure if the polished steel would rust........
image_6483441 (3).JPG
Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 10.48.47.png

I can appreciate the nature of travel as a recent video of google youtube #qubit(5 days ago)  + #Nasa #simulation but to still blame me?


Stopped doing surveys Nasa but the only live tv I have is on the app if i have connection

From what i have heard @Dragon live launch via Nasa app (11th Nov'21) -3d printed or not, the shape is not going into space anytime soon:-) I did hear about  3d printed Nylon thanks Kate for asking the ?! update hand bio....... on last international space dock. I'm kinda losing direction here. Although got to see a blue Earth 4K from ISS for first time! via app